Over a dozen professors and colleagues at ASU have come together to launch the WITCOM group (Women in Technology: Connecting and Mentoring) for undergrads and graduates at all four ASU campuses who are interested in monthly meetings dedicated to mentorship of woemen in technology. The goal is to create an environment for women (and men) where research and workplaces issues can be discussed in a way that prepares women to become leaders in technology. We are addressing the pipeline issue now – with the goal of bursting through the Silicon Ceiling in the very near future. First open meeting in March 20 2014. Email mina.johnson at asu.edu for details.

Next Meeting :
Thursday, March 20 at 4:30PM
At the Learning Sciences Institute
Room 129 Payne Hall EDB


Nadya Bliss

Asst. Vice President of Research Strategy at OKED. She comes here after 10 years at Lincoln Laboratory at MIT, MS in Computer Science, interested in analyses of large data or social network analyses with Advanced Computing Center. She ran high computing resource lab out of center at MIT. She just started PhD in Applied Math at ASU.

Odesma Dalrymple

Asst. Professor of Engineering at Polytech – Researches how people learn through artifact manipulation and disassembly. Initial work with mechanical engineering, tactile-like Rube Golberg machines and robotics. Also developing web-based tool that demonstrates good pedagogy and strategies to become a better teacher, interested in meta-data and semantic computers.

Mina Johnson-Glenberg

Research Professor, Learning Sciences Institute (LSI) - Creates and researches embodied games for STEM learning that use gesture as input. Working with innovative input devices like Microsoft Kinect sensor and Leap motion. She believes gaming could be a gateway to keep young women programmers interested coding and/or becoming leaders in the tech community.

Janice Kleinwort

Director of Economic Affairs at Skyong – She works on the corporate side of academia. Interested in social science in international studies. Taught MBA’s at Thunderbird years ago, works with women who want to take careers to different levels. Has been at Skysong for five years, in touch with all entrepreneurial programs out there.

Danielle McNamara

Professor – Psychology/Learning Sciences Institute (LSI) - Developing and evaluating game-based intelligent tutoring systems, natural language processing. Her tutoring systems focus on teaching students how to use strategies to better comprehend challenging texts and how to write persuasive essays. She also develops computational systems that analyze multiple features of text and discourse.

Mary Niemczyk

Assoc. Professor - Aviation program at Polytechnic - She focuses on teaching students how to learn and how to self-regulate. “We don’t want a pilot who is just trying to remember facts.” Professional pilot, also teaches courses on Aviation Management.

Heather Pon-Barry

Asst. Professor at CIDSE, Fulton – Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI (Artificial Intelligence), speech recognition and technology (like SIRI) – interested in how to improve naturalness between speech interfaces for educational tech. She researches patterns in speech looking for emotion, uncertainty. Has experience with mentor groups, recommends all put their goals in writing.

Delia Saenz

Associate Professor Psychology - Her lab does research on tokenism, inclusion, and social differentiation. What happens to cognitive performance and self-perception when you are different (i.e., tall, or only woman in group). Works to enhance perspective taking. Also, on the positive side, tokens show enhanced social creativity and solution creation. She trains engineers in developing nations why it is important to include women in future training sessions.

Erin Walker

Asst. Professor at CIDSE, Fulton. Intelligent Tutoring Systems. How they can give support to High school students mentoring each other in math with computers. Learning by teaching paradigm. She also researches role of robots in learning math and role of digital textbooks and personalized digital learning in classrooms.

Srividya Bansal

Asst. Professor in Software Engineering at Polytechnic. Her research focuses on semantic web technologies to perform effective searches and information processing in various application areas such as Web services, Big Data, outcome-based instruction design in STEM education, and semantic tagging in a collaborative bookmarking environment.

Heidi Blair

Director of Educational Technology, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College – She leads a “Solution Development Team”. Designing and devising technology-based solutions to meet the voiced needs of faculty, students and the broader education sector and empowering them with new work possibilities. She supports and nurtures innovation in the development of ed tech solutions.

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