Rubric for Learning Objects

As a deliverable from the 1013 Provost’s Committee on Digital Excellence in Teaching and Learning a subcommittte created a rubric on scoring the equality of a learning objects. The Quality Matter’s rubric was designed to evaluate an entire course, but currently there is no appropriate rubric for the quality of the short learning objects (LO’s) embedded in these courses.

The rubric is not designed for use with full length videos or entire courses. It lists components that the ideal LO should include, that is what designers should aspire to and what learning scientists would like to see. It is understood that many current LO’s do not contain these components.

        I. Structure- Primarily mechanics, how the object is built and segmented
        II. Pedagogy – Note that greatest emphasis is on the inclusion of generative or constructive content
        III. OPTIONAL: Assessment

Please email the EGL lab for copy of the rubric – In the Spring of 2014 it is undergoing validity assessment and will be openly available by the summer of 2014.