Figure from Trail of Time Project, 2010, - S. Semken

The Grand Canyon Game: With gestures like an orchestra conductor you bring forth the Colorado River and create the Grand Canyon! This multi-generational game is designed to be played in informal science environments to teach how the Canyon came to be. We use the Kinect sensor as the input device and its motion capture ability to highlight the three main forces that created the Canyon. Projected release Fall 2014.

The Green Teen: This is an interactive game that uses gestures as input to teach 5th through 12th graders about sustainable actions and choices youth can make in real life to affect their carbon footprint. In the end, they build a virtual solar oven learning crucial steps in the scientific method.

Games for Mental Health: Small format games under development with the T. Denny Sanford School and Department of Psychology to help reduce anxiety in teens.

Mimicry Game: Natural selection and mimicry are explored with innovative Augmented Reality design and touch screen technologies used as “stealth assessment” tools.