Electric Fields is the second of two studies funded by the NSF DRK-12 mechanism (1020367). In this one hour lesson students learn about Electric Fields starting from net charge in a single atom to sparks to how the Electric Field is quantified with Coulomb’s Law.
Seven interactive games are embedded in the lesson, these can either be played with a mouse or via the Kinect sensor.

Electric Fields

The screen capture from the game on the left demonstrates how induction occurs when a virtual balloon is rubbed against the player’s hair. The player’s body is the mannequin and the Kinect sensor is used to track how the player rubs the balloon on his/her hair and then stick it to the wall. We compare four conditions using the same platform (a lesson learned in the previous Centripetal Force study).

Now we vary amount of embodiment in four controlled lessons and in the final condition/lesson add a game narrative wrapper to assess whether being exposed to a narrative motivates the player to learn more and/or affects engagement. In the final game players use all they have learned about Electric Fields and distance between charges to hit a mischievous dragon with lightning strikes.

Projected Release date Fall 2014.

Created with DRK-12 Grant